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Visiting Physician Services is a visit by the doctor to see the patient in the comfort of their home. The old fashion house call by the doctor, only that now is even better! Unlike before, the doctor can now bring a technology that can do blood test and other laboratory tests in the patient’s home during the time of the doctor’s visit.

Many people ignore the fact that insurance companies and Medicare provide coverage for this type of visits; if you have questions, our personnel can help you resolve your questions.

“Most patients, regardless of age, prefer to be cared for in their own home. Physician house calls not only respect this preference, but also improve overall care and patient outcomes.

Nurses and other non-physician health care practitioners today provide most of home care services. Physicians are able to provide a more complex level of health care and the ability to manage more complex patients in the home including an Emergency Room level of care. Working with other health practitioners, physicians can help assure that a broader range of patient care is managed effectively”.

This presents many advantages to the patients and their families, among others, avoiding the inconveniences for some patients of going to the doctor’s office or emergency room, having the pharmacy to deliver the medication also to their homes.

* Disclaimer. A House visit is not a substitute for emergency care. In the case of chest pain or acute stroke, or if you suspect you are having a stroke or heart attack, you need to go to the emergency room or call 911 immediately.


What patients are qualified to use Home Care Physician Services?

  • Patients who are physically challenged to visit the doctor’s office
  • Patients with frequent hospitalization or acute care visits
  • Patients who missed appointments due to difficulty getting to the office
  • Patients who are blind
  • Patients who are bed bound
  • Patients who are nursing home qualified but wish to remain at home
  • Patients with psychiatric illnesses who are home bound

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