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About the Author

Dr. Dona E. Cooper-Dockery Bio

doctorDr. Cooper-Dockery is board certified in Internal Medicine. She graduated from the University of Montemorelos – School of Medicine in 1991. Dr. Cooper-Dockery worked at the Kingston Public Hospital in Jamaica from 1991 to 1992. Then she returned to Mexico where she completed a year of Social Service at La Clinica Urbana de Linares.

She did her residency in Internal Medicine at Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York during 1993 to 1996.

Dr. Cooper-Dockery has been practicing medicine for over twenty-six years. She currently serves as a Medical Director for Cooper Internal Medicine. She is actively engaged in ambulating medicine and occasionally hospital medicine.

In 2008, she extended her practice to Home Based Patients as Cooper House Doctor and is now the pioneer for House Call Medicine in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas. In 2012 Dr. Cooper-Dockery established Cooper Wellness and Disease Prevention Center where Lifestyle Medicine is emphasized. It is her greatest desire to reverse or significantly improve Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, and other Lifestyle Diseases.

Dr. Cooper-Dockery is very active in her community, giving health seminars and providing free health care to patients who are without health insurance. She also volunteers her services to the International Communities in countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, the Philippines, Greece and Africa.

She is the Founder/President for the Faithful Path International Ministry which is a 501-C3 organization dedicated to providing free healthcare and social services to people who are less fortunate both in the Rio Grande Valley and underdeveloped countries. For the past several years, her country of focus has been Haiti, though she continues to serve in other countries and locally in South Texas.

It is her greatest desire to see all people, as much as possible, given the opportunity to enjoy a full, happy, and long life. It is for this reason that Dr. Cooper-Dockery has began to share her message through various media, such as Television: she currently host the TV Show ”Get Healthy With Dr Cooper” where she emphasizes the importance of lifestyle therapeutics. She is also an for the books “ Get Healthy for Life”, Fourteen Days to Amazing Health, and Incredibly Delicious Vegan.